Launch of VIN Awards

The VIN Awards were finally launched by Indian Centre for Development and Rights, iCFDR, on 17 March 2020, though conceptualized much earlier.  iCFDR takes immense pride in recognising the most deserving and hard-working individual changemakers in India. The awards will be announced annually on 12 August, Internationally Youth Day. The VIN Awards promotes the trailblazers of Culture, Social Entrepreneurship and the Environment, recognizing the importance of holistic development and community development in modern society. 

The awards are given out in various categories to cover a wide spectrum. We have 8 categories namely:

  •       Lifetime Achievement Award
  •       Award for Professional Excellence
  •       Award for Cultural Excellence
  •       Commendable Social Entrepreneur
  •       Award for Environmental Excellence
  •       Exceptional Female Achiever
  •       Exceptional Youth Entrepreneur
  •       Exceptional Achiever from LGBTQIA+ Community

 The VIN awards are given to celebrate exemplary individuals who have excelled in their respective fields. These awards acknowledge those who exemplify the best of their profession’s values through their accomplishments and endeavours. The individuals eligible to get awards can nominate themselves or can be nominated by filling the nomination form available on our website. The awardees are decided by our jury members and the award selection policy is completely transparent to ensure the best candidatures get awarded.

There’s a famous saying, “Good deeds never go unrecognized.” We aim to award people who are setting up examples in their respective fields, by doing a commendable job. Practicing sustainable development, following best practices in their jobs, helping others are some of the many aspects which may not be mentioned explicitly in your job description but practising these, is what sets you apart from the crowd. These make you a better human, and an active contributor to the wellbeing of society.

The awards would act as an inspiration for the youth as well. The awards reinforce the fact that caring about your society, upholding the values of your respective careers and going the extra mile to help make the world a better place is a value that we all should inculcate. If the young population of the country realizes the importance of holistic and sustainable development, the entire society will progress by leaps and bounds.

The VIN Awards are aimed at recognizing achievers across India. One of the ways we can support these exemplary citizens is by appreciating their efforts and spreading the word about their work so people all over can get to know about their outstanding work and can look up to them and get inspired to brainstorm and find out ways to bring in small changes in their day to day jobs to make their efforts a little more holistic in nature, more sustainable and with the aim of making this world a better place.

Nominations are open now.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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