Nominating for Awards

The VIN Awards are not restricted to any specific career. It’s open for all,  professionals and freelancers alike. One can be an entrepreneur, social worker, doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. These awards acknowledge those who exemplify the best of their profession’s values through their accomplishments and endeavours. The nominating process for the VIN Awards is fairly simple. One can file the nomination for themselves or even for a deserving candidate they know of by filling the form available on our website.

There are eight different categories for the awards, and the nomination can be filed in the applicable category. A few documents are required like profile of work, personal profile of persona and photograph, the  details are mentioned in the VIN Award nomination form. One has to also pay a registration donation of minimum Rs 1000/-. 

The nomination has four stages. In Stage 1 the pre screening of all entries takes place. The valid entries from all received entries are screened and separated out. That leads us to Stage 2. In stage 2, all the valid entries from Stage 1 are checked thoroughly. In this stage the validation and verification of all information given by the nominees is done. As mentioned in our forms as well, if we find some discrepancy in the information submitted by the candidate, their candidature will not be considered for the VIN Award. Once the entire verifying process is completed, we move on to Stage 3. Shortlisting of the entries from the valid entries is done by an expert panel. The final stage is the selection of the awardees by our jury. The selection process is completely unbiased and transparent. Our jury comprises people from all walks of life, with a lot of experience so they cover a wide spectrum just like our entries. The jury’s decision is final and not open for debate.

The VIN Awards are aimed at recognizing achievers across India. One of the ways we can support these exemplary citizens is by appreciating their efforts and spreading the word about their work so people all over can get to know about their outstanding work and can look up to them and get inspired to brainstorm and find out ways to bring in small changes in their day to day jobs to make their efforts a little more holistic in nature, more sustainable and with the aim of making this world a better place.

Did you feel like we are talking about you or someone whom you know? Then please nominate yourself or that someone who you feel deserves to be acknowledged with this award.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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