Award for Commendable Social Entrepreneurship

We are in a world surrounded by multitudinous lives and innumerable challenges. With a fast pace, it becomes hard for many to cope up with the speed and meet the standards of living. Not ignoring the fact that every path comes with a new puzzle which if left unsolved leads to a chain of disappointments. 

When the majority of the world is tangled in the web of complaints about the negatives of society, there are individuals who have got no time for complaints as they are the one who are always busy in looking for solutions rather than problems. They are the risk-takers who climb the peaks of difficulties to make society better and better.  Their self-confidence is the most powerful weapon.

What  do you mean by the Award for Commendable Social Entrepreneurship?

We honour these selfless and heroic leaders that are working hard to create a positive impact on society through the Award for Commendable Social Entrepreneurship.

This award aims to recognize individuals, or entrepreneurs who develop, fund and implement solutions to various social, cultural, or environmental issues. This category of VIN Awards is based on the belief that social entrepreneurship is the key to  design a progressive society. This category also has 1st and 2nd runner-ups.

How is this award going to impact the society?

Through these awards we aim to recognise those individuals who have designed solutions for various socio-economic problems and want to set examples for the young creative minds to follow their footsteps.

Who is eligible for this award ?

Award for Commendable Social Entrepreneurship is the honour created for  entrepreneurs or individuals who through their leadership skills and innovative initiatives   have taken risks and have worked hard to transform the society. They have found solutions to various socio-economic, cultural and environmental problems  and wish to help all the communities selflessly with their incredible ideas and initiatives. If you have done something incredible that the society would never forget then, we are here to help you reach out to a thousand more by honouring you for your outstanding work.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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