Award for cultural excellence

India, a country globally recognised for its diversity and rich cultural background,  is full of artistic prodigies, which include both aspiring and experienced talented personnels. It will not be fair to name the different categories of cultural artists as the distinction is vast.  It could range from being an artisan, a dancer, a musician and a singer to being an aesthetician, an art conservator or an art historian. Some of these people have agreed to lend their creativity to the society. They have utilised their gifts to spread a wave of positivity . 

What do you mean by the Award for Cultural Excellence ?

As a sign of appreciation, the VIN awards wishes to  recognise our  culture as the foundational bedrock of the society. The award is a motivation for the candidates to perpetually use their gifts for the betterment of people.  We at VIN Awards  appreciate the contributions made  by them and hence have the award for this colourful category of cultural excellence.

How is this award going to impact the society?

This award will encourage these prodigies to not give up on their love and passion for their artform. Through this award we aim to show our support to these pillars of our society. They have used their love for art to not only bring riches to our culture but also have used their work to erase the divide present in the Society. This award will show our support to their cause of uniting people across the nations.

Who is eligible for this award ?

This award will be bestowed upon the promoters of our rich and diverse culture. We seek the masters of their respective craft, path-breaking artists, musicians, researchers, designers and writers,who have utilised their gifts to depict the story of our society in an exquisite  manner. These may also include creating attractive blog pages and designing social media content.  We are glad to have their support, without each one of them, our team wouldn’t be complete. Therefore, we honour such talented people and  wish to give recognition to their creativity with this particular award. We wish them good luck and would be pleased to benefit .

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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