Award for Environmental Excellence

There is something more important than human lives and that’s our planet. The individual who understands this fact can create miracles in this world.  Being compassionate towards the environment is extremely important. The fact that the environment plays a pivotal role in human existence is universally accepted, but how many of us care about conserving and protecting it from further damage? We at VIN Awards want to unearth such precious gems who have dedicated a portion of their lives to heal and protect the environment. We bring this honour for all those who want to bring a positive environmental change.

What do you mean by the  Award for Environmental Excellence?

The Award for Environmental Excellence is one of the most prestigious awards that we wish to honour the most deserving candidate, who has worked towards bringing a significant change in our environment; the person who took an extra mile to create an extraordinary milestone in the map of nature. Regardless of how small or big the step is/was, what we care about is the raging passion that you carry in your heart. The passion to make our mother earth a better place for every creature.

How is this award going to impact the society?

Through this award we aim to spread the importance of preserving nature. We wish to encourage the protectors of our environment. We wish to showcase the importance of their work and spread awareness among the society .

Who is eligible for this award?

This award has been created specifically keeping in mind the current global scenario with regards to our environment. The world at large must act immediately to preserve our planet, and therefore, we wish to recognize individuals who are doing their bit and  are proven Proven champions of the environment.

Did you feel like we are talking about you or someone whom you know? Then please nominate yourself or that someone who you feel deserves to be acknowledged with this award.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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