Award for professional excellence

 Most people today are career-driven individuals who aim to attain immense financial prowess. Yet, there are some young professionals who wish to benefit and empower the marginalised by using their professional skills irrespective of the challenges they are facing in terms of lack of time and sometimes money. When for most achieving success is the top priority, these professionals prioritise the needy and are off on a mission to aid them.

What do you mean by the Award for Professional Excellence?

Hence, we have introduced  a special category in the VIN awards  to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of such professionals. The care and devotion towards the betterment of the poor is exactly what we are looking for. We believe that through their philanthropic efforts, they have no not only managed to climb the ladder of success but have also managed to become considerate and selfless human beings. 

How is this award going to impact the society?

This award will give an impetus to all the professionals who work selflessly to serve the society. They do not wish for recognition and yet devote their life towards societal betterment. The award is going to act as a platform to motivate others wishing to join professional vocations, to not only aim for financial success but also to give something back to the society.

Who is eligible for this award?

This award is presented to those individuals and professionals who are torch bearers in their respective professions. We look for exceptional individuals who have contributed to society through their professions. Take for instance, the professionals involved with social work activities around them, individually or with an organisation are eligible to receive the award. We wish to recognize  people especially those who are disruptors of industry norms and have devoted their time and services to the needy despite their hectic work schedules ,  have achieved incredible success in their fields. We appreciate the work done by each one of them and hence, we present the award to these people to express our gratitude. We wish them good luck in their future endeavors so that they may reach out to thousands of others through their professional skills and continue their incredible work throughout the journey of their lives.

Did you feel like we are talking about you or someone whom you know? Then please nominate yourself or that someone who you feel deserves to be acknowledged with this award.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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