Exceptional Achiever from LGBTQIA + Community

Openness may not eradicate prejudice, but it’s a start.

And we at VIN Awards applaud and are proud of those who have found the courage to open up to the world that has always been intolerant and unsupportive to them. We are proud to announce the Exceptional Achiever from LGBTQIA+ community.

L stands for Lesbians, G stands for Gays, T stands for Transgender, Q stands for Queers, I stands for Intersex, A stands for Asexual and Allied and “+” denotes all other minority identities not covered in LGBTQIA.

What do you mean by the Exceptional Achiever from LGBTQIA+ community ?

VIN Awards in its endeavour to break stereotypes of society, has introduced this award to honour people from the LGBTQI+ community who have been contributing to society through their hard work and dedication. We acknowledge the hardships and the intolerance faced by them, in their day to day life and we at VIN Awards want to award those who have pushed on despite such obstacles and have emerged successfully. We believe  that through this award we will be able to motivate many such citizens who have excelled tremendously in their respective careers or have done some groundbreaking work and yet are unknown just because of their gender roles. Such trivial aspects should not ever be a factor while appreciating or rewarding someone.

How is this award going to impact the society?

This award aims to show our support to the members of LGBTQ+ community. We realise the intolerance and discrimination faced by them on a regular basis and want to correct the wrongs done to them by recognising the work done by them in service of their community. This award will spread the importance of humanity and spread the ideals of equality.

Who is eligible for this award?

The award  Exceptional  Achievers from  LGBTQIA+ Community is awarded to shine a  light and give hope to all those wonderful and strong people who have stood against all the odds to bring a commendable change by excelling in their specific fields. The one who broke the wall of gender inequality and has attained success in a field is the one we are looking for. If you have made yourself remarkable in your field by doing an outstanding and unquestionably excellent work then we are waiting to honour you with the award for Exceptional Achievers from LGBTQIA+ Community.

Did you feel like we are talking about you or someone whom you know? Then please nominate yourself or that someone who you feel deserves to be acknowledged with this award.

Please come forward to support us, to help us recognise the good samaritans.

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