Frequently Asked Questions

This is an initiative to promote those who are striving to change the world around us. Let's talk about them, spread their good spirit, recognize and reward them,  by focusing on people who are behind the initiatives that are creating positive impact, we can truly inspire the generations to make wiser and sustainable choices for the collective growth of humanity.

                                                                                              – Adv. Ravindra Vikram founder of iCFDR, organiser of VIN Awards.

Nominations can be made by well-meaning individuals, including the person aspiring to get the award. You can nominate a change-maker, a socially conscious individual striving for a better society or if you are the change-maker you can nominate yourself.
You can nominate others by filling out an online nomination form.
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You can nominate yourself through submission of nomination via an online form.
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The awards will be given in various categories to individuals who are making a positive impact in a society and come from different walks of life.
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The assessment panel includes a selection of individuals from diverse sectors, reflecting the importance of social impact of sustainable living. Specially selected experts have formed a jury committee of 10.
See here who is on the jury panel.
Once profiles are vetted, the jury will evaluate the nominations to arrive at a final decision. The jury committee will go through profiles and after they are carefully vetted for accuracy of information, by a team of researchers; they will evaluate and arrive at the winning entry.
Most of the work for this initiative is being done voluntarily, by a team from iCFDR. And we are very grateful to the key sponsors, donors, supporters, and partners of the VIN Awards. With their help and support we will be covering the cost of the awards event, the cost of creating infrastructure to make this event possible, and the cost of the day to day coordination required for the initiative etc. We are grateful to the iCFDR team for their support in the coordination of this initiative.
Through VIN Awards we wish to celebrate the positive impacts of the work done by the change-makers and future leaders of our society. We aim to recognise as well as encourage their initiatives and by doing so we believe that we can inspire and carve a path for the younger generation to follow their footsteps.
People from anywhere can nominate themselves or others for one or more award categories. Any big or small organization that is working for the society can also participate in the nominations.
Yes, a person can self nominate or nominate others for more than one category of the VIN Awards. However, a person can receive one award only in a year.
No, a person who previously won in a specific category can not apply for the nominations in the same category.
Yes, a person who did not win an award can apply again for the nominations.
Yes, if a person has won in one category, can apply for nominations in another category.
Submissions will be done via an online nomination form.
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No, you do not need to make any account for applying for the nominations. Click here to apply for the nomination.

Yes, you will need to create an account via this. You can also use the same account for all the submissions in your hospital. Entries can be submitted on different dates. But if you have already created an account, you can use the same username and password to log-in.

All entries can be accompanied by up to five attached documentation to support your entry. The attached files must be no larger than 2MB each. Documents must be in .pdf, .doc (word) and .PPT format;images must be in .jpg format. You cannot attach videos, however you can add the link(if required) in your uploaded documents.

Documents include a passport size photo, a CV including profile all your achievements.

You may also attach other documents to convince the jury that your entry meets the criteria best. Please note that supporting materials MUST be in English and if they are in another language, a certified translation in english must be provided.

Deadline for submission of entries is on 17 June as a general rule, except in special exigencies, we do not extend the deadlines.
No, there are no entry fees for the nomination. However, we would highly appreciate donations made by you, it helps us to function independently and efficiently.
The winners would be announced on 12th August, of every year on International Youth Day. We plan to host the award presentation ceremony in New Delhi every year.
The NGO , Indian Centre for Development and Rights is behind the initiative with an aim to change the public perception of who should be the real celebrity of the society. We firmly believe that we must give the most importance to people who work for the welfare of humanity without any bias.
The VIN Awards has introduced a number of award categories . Click here for information on eligibility and application deadlines.
The online application form for nomination is available on the following website. Please click here for specific instructions regarding each award.
Every category has different eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria for the award categories are mentioned here:
No, you must submit your application online. Please refer to the guidelines of each award for information on the required supporting documentation and specific handling instructions.
The deadline to apply for the nomination is 17th June. No applications will be accepted after 17 th June. However, if the above due date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday or a legal holiday, then the deadline becomes the next business day.
No written evaluation or score will be provided to applicants.
To discuss or collaborate with us, please email us at: [email protected]