Social Work Leadership Program

We at iCFDR are also very proud of our Social Work Leadership Programme (SWLP) Awards. The SWLP programme encourages volunteership by empowering individuals who are willing to take leadership with social work activities. These volunteers are either working on the ground at grassroot level or leading organisational work and are facing many hardships. The SWLP awards are Internal Awards under the VIN Awards. We honour our associates who display excellent work ethic, enthusiasm and splendid soft and core skills. All the associates stand a chance to be bestowed with the annual social work leadership awards in the following categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We love candidates with a flair for leadership, a calm mind that is adaptive to stressful situations, and above all, those who are willing to learn, contribute, and deliver results. These awards are declared on National Youth Day that is 12th January, every year.